Why Look At The Cross Section?

A cross section image is very helpful when trying to understand the interaction of different types of materials.  You can see how layers stack up.  Do they adhere consistently or are there unwanted air voids?  Do the different components mix together?  Are they chemically different enough to separate themselves into different regions?  Are there obvious weak spots?  All of these questions are important when developing different material compounds or using industrial manufacturing processes.  Looking at the cross section let's you know how everything works together.

This blog isn't about all that though.  Looking at a physical cross section is a metaphor for what I would like to do, to look at events and issues analyzing them by seeing what the Bible, theology, philosophy, logic, science, history, and economics can teach us.  To truly understand an issue we must understand something about all those subjects and how they work together, much like a cross section image.  When you understand how the individual elements relate to one another, then you can have a holistic understanding of the system.  Without that focusing on any one element will lead to wrong understanding, which produces wrong action.  In the real world we call that sin, immorality, vice, oppression or injustice.

Most importantly, my first step is what the Bible says and afterwards will work out my thinking from there while incorporating all the other areas of thought where they are appropriate.


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